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Cambodian Laws
  Constitutional Law
  Law on Land
  Law on Civilian
  Law on Crime
  Law on Taxation
  Law on Labor
  Law on Marriage and Family
  Law on Anti-Corruption
  Law on Anti-Terrorism
  Law on Commercial Enterprise
  Law on Copy Right and Related Right
  Law on Forestry
  Law on Land Traffic
  Law on Land and Construction
  Law on Litigation of Personal Status
  Law on Mining Resources
  Law on Money-Terrorist Financing
  Law on Non-Suit Civil Case
  Law on Patent, Utility Model Certificates and Industrial Des
  Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual
  Law on Investment
  Law on Insurance
  Law on Foreign Exchange
  Law on Trademark
  Law on Nationality
  Law on Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
  Law on the Dividing of Property
  Law on the Establishment of the Registration Tax Trade Regulation
  Royal Decree, Sub Decree,
  Registration Tax
  Sub Decree on Social Land Concession
  Sub Decree on Khmer
  Nationality Identity Cards
  Circular on the Instruction for Enforcement of Taxation on Unused Land
  Circular of Granting License to Casino
  Email Support
Cambodian Laws
Law and Justice

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Law on Land, 1992(EN).pdf
Law on Land, 2001(EN).pdf
Law on Land, 2001(KH).pdf

  197 KB
  351 KB
  3,432 KB

Annex of Civil Code.pdf
Civil Code Procedure(KH).pdf
Civil Code(KH).pdf

  152 KB
  1,397 KB
  3,395 KB

Criminal Code Procedure(EN).pdf
Criminal Code(KH).pdf

  1,155 KB
  1,368 KB

Law on Taxation (Amendment 2003)(KH).pdf
Law on Taxation(EN).pdf
Law on Taxation(KH).pdf

  166 KB
  253 KB
  224 KB

Law on Labor(EN).pdf
Law on Labor(KH).pdf

  89 KB
  5,198 KB

Law on the marriage and family(EN).pdf

  53 KB

Law on Anti-Corruption(KH).pdf


Law on Anti-Terrorism(KH).pdf


Law on commercial enterprises(KH).pdf

  358 KB

Law on Copy Right and Related Rights(KH).pdf

  150 KB

Law on Forestry(KH).pdf

  182 KB

Law on Land Traffic(KH).pdf

  367 KB

Land and Construction(EN).pdf

  28 KB

Law on Litigation of Personal Status(KH).pdf

  3,296 KB

Law on Mineral Resource(EN).pdf
Law on Mining Resources(KH).pdf

  139 KB
  109 KB

Law on Money Laundering-Terrorist Financing(KH).pdf

  7,114 KB

Law on Non-Suit Civil Case(KH).pdf

  1,782 KB

Law on Patent_ Utility Model Certificates and Industrial Des(KH).pdf

  156 KB

Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation(KH).pdf

  218 KB

Law on Investment(EN).pdf
Law on investment(KH).pdf


Law on insurance(EN).pdf

  40 KB

Law on foreign exchange(EN).pdf

  44 KB

Trademark Law(EN).pdf

  77 KB

Law on Nationality(EN).pdf

  86 KB

Law on Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction(EN).pdf

  88 KB

Law on Deviding of Property(EN).pdf

  82 KB

Law on Establishment of Rigistration Tax(EN).pdf

  80 KB

Trade Regulation.pdf

  33 KB

Sub Decree on Social Land Concession .pdf





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